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Small post for now; the big stuff will come in a few days~ ♡

I don't know if much got the scoop, but I took out my snake bites for an interview and they closed right up! POOF!!~ 。゚(゚ノД`゚)゚。
So Saturday, my mom and I had some kind of bonding time and got a tattoo/piercing.
This would be my very first tattoo, so naturally I end up getting the crest of courage (Digimon Adventure)~ I'll take a picture of it when I can post a better one orz

I also got the monroe piercing, which I took better pictures of that, ahahaaa~
I'm definately gonna have to do my eyebrows more often; I really like it in blue! (●´∀`)ノ♡

Art Post -- Icons
ART -- Uchuu
I have been meaning to do this, but eeehhhhhhhh~
Up until this moment I have been lazy to do so.
Enjoy, and credit if using~ Thanks!

Somehow it looks much different than it did when I edited it. Don't you hate that?Collapse )

Long Overdue, but not my fault! I promise. 。゜(`Д´)゜。
ART -- Uchuu
I have tried AT LEAST THREE TIMES to post a journal entry, but ending off with failure. We'll see what happens.
If you seen my tumblr though, you have already seen all of these orz

Bought a few dresses and just went insane with them. I don't even think these closely relates to lolita! XD

Creepy-ness and otome-ish

Tried a creepy-cute-ish coord with some new stuff I bought either online or at AWA.

Purplexblack=WAY PAST COOL combo

A bit of an older pic; something I wore because it was too cold and AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT!!


As secretary of the International Club at our school, I helped put together the International Festival, and set up my own table on Japanese Street Fashion and art. It was totes fun, even if I was an hour late because I had a class during the festival orz
You're such a boring old sap when it comes to lolita outside of meetups

Aaaand juggling what would look better with the Maurice Pants I purchased on the egl-comm-sales. I think I really like the white blouse, for some reason. XDDD Don't mind my face in the first picture; I was extremely sick. Like, I could barely speak sick.

I know one thing-- I'll need better pictures. o(;△;)o

FINALS / Art Projects
ART -- Uchuu

Trying the LJ Android app, we'll see how this goes.
Anyways! Sorry I hven't written in a bit; I have been ultra busy with school OTL

An outfit shot for my last day of fall classes. Keeping in mind that this is the middle of freakin' DECEMBER, c'mon Georgia!
I'll post more previous outfits when I have the time.

last day
I guess it's more... otome-kei ish?

Finals is coming up (have one in Visual Merchandising tomorrow)

So far--
Retail Opeations Management - 86
Consumer Behaviour - 96
Visual Merchandising - 101
Professional Selling - 91

And among other things, I have three pieces being presented at our local gallery for a pin-up art auction, so I am totes excited! I'll post more on that near the 15th, when finals are over.

Convention: AWA 2012
ART -- Uchuu
Returned from Anime Weekend Atlanta, and I must say I had tons of fun! ;3;

I don't have a picture of any of my coords since I was kinda lazy about doing them (until Sunday, which I will explain later), but I arrived Friday evening after the trouble of getting pictures printed through Costco (note to self-- remember to size pictures as 11x14, not 11x17)

Saturday I was away from my table for half the day due to the FRILL Fashion show!~ At first I was not picked to be a model, but a few days later, wunderfluff messaged me and asked to model for Blasphemina's Closet. It was a great honor because I have been eyeing and adoring Miss Rei's stuff for a very long time, so why not?
Originally, I was told that she liked the industrial look with the snake bites, then Brittany realized I had not only blue hair, but it was shaved both sides! XD
moi fashionshow  hair2 halfway
Playing Tekken on my 3DS LIKE A BOSS~~
Finally, it was the fashion show. A lot mentioned that I looked awesome on stage, but I obviously couldn't tell until I saw the video. Needless to say... I think I went a little... too fast. ._. Gotta juice!!
It looks much more dramatic in black/white~

AAAANNDDDDD the video~

Then it was time to take some pictures~~

I'm not totally sure if I will be going to Momocon next year (it's super close to Zuri's due date), so looks like it's getting ready for Frill!~

School Days
ART -- Uchuu
A couple of outfit shots before posting a bit about AWA
School time~!!
On that last picture, I was way too lazy to do my hair after washing it, so I kept it as is. XD

My heart's beating, my HANDS are SHAKIN', BUT I'M STILL SHOOTIN'!
ART -- Uchuu
This computer in specific is super slow to upload pictures, so for now, I'll add these two until I get to a computer at school for the actual entry.
Wrapped in Black~

Other than that, one of my favourite and most anticipated events come up. Get ready for--

Anime Weekend Atlanta
3-Day Anime Convention located in Atlanta GA
28th-30th September, 2012

I will be holding down the fort in my artist alley table, along with Evy-chan~

(more info on my tumblr)

Other than that, Friday at 8pm is the Pokemon vs Digimon debate panel, and Saturday at 1:30pm is the h.naoto/FRILL fashion show, where I will be modeling for one of my favourite indie lolita brands, Blasphemina's Closet. If you're going this year, don't forget to stop by and say hi! ;3;

Meetup with the Athens Lolitas / Anime Weekend Atlanta 2012
ART -- Uchuu
Hrrnngghhh, I did have some outfit shots, but my phone had to be formatted, so everything is gone. ;~;
The only outfit shot I have for now is from the meetup in Athens this past Saturday with bunnyhunsand kaede_h

My coordinate. Too hot outside, so I kept it casual

athens lolitas 01  athens lolitas 02
kaede_h in Infanta, bunnyhuns in AP and myself in Bodyline

So coming up next is Anime Weekend Atlanta~
youhavenoideahowmuchiamFREEEEEEAKIIIINGOUTalready. ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ
So after the run around, it was finally dated that I wouldn't have the money I need to get prints and table setup done until September 27th, which is LITERALLY the day I leave for AWA. So I would not only need to pack up my scanner (and either use the wifi setting on my scanner, which I have never used before, get everything situated on my SD card or hope one of my friends will bring their laptop), but I'd need to get all of my table supplies before I leave Athens and find a place to print out 11x17 photos, since my scanner can't do so. I hear Costco (which is right next door to the mall that's next door to the Cobb Galleria) does great prints, but I'd need to (1) borrow my mom's membership card and (2) get there before it closes at 6pm, I believe.
This is gonna be a nightmare.
And I am still afraid I don't have enough prints. I wanted to spend the summer preparing, but instead I took 4 classes. We had a small break aftrerwards though, but fall semester... starts tomorrow.

Fandom Feels: 13 Years
ART -- Uchuu
Beginning with 1 Aug, 1999, when Digimon Adventure first hit the TV screens of America, happy 13th anniversary! ;3;
I can't have these feels yet, not until after my last finals noooooooo.........!!!!
digital swag
Digital swag~!! *fail*

Items missing because I kinda rushed things--
~ Digimon Tamers manga, 1-3
~ Digimon Adventure manga, 1-5
~ Digimon World DS/ World Dawn/ World Dusk/ World Championship
~ Digimon (Adventure) Character Guide
~ Digimon Savers Calendar

Items I recently purchased--
~ Digimon Xros Wars manga, 1-4
~ Shoutmon mug
~ Shoutmon figure

Items still on the lookout for--
~ Digimon Frontier manga, 1-3
~ Digivice IC, orange
~ Xros Loader, red

Spirito Evolution~!!
Because every kid has to post with a digivice in hand~

What really sucks is that I finally learned how to play the game, and it stopped working last niiiggghhhhtttt~!! *sobs forever*

Nothing is going my way today.....

After finals, I will be drawing a picture, at least. It will be formed into a print for AWA, so you'll be able to see more via my tumblr

Different Strokes for the Same Folk~
ART -- Uchuu
I like a lot of different styles, but not too many people care. They see someone wearing all black one day and natural tones the next, and their first thought is "poser". I didn't know we all had to pick one style and stick with it....?

2012-07-12 15.39.32

The last day I had my hair dyed red. Now that I look back on this, it was way too hot for all that! D:

2012-07-23 15.19.19 2012-07-24 15.33.57 2012-07-26 15.13.40
And outfits this week. The one with the orange dress, I wore on the last day of classes. That's right, summer semester is OVER~!!!!! :D
So far--
Buying and Merchandising- 94
Business Law- 87
Management- 103
Accounting I- 92

And finals start Monday OTL


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